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Erich Novak

Erich Novak is a partner, Chief Financial Officer, and Facility Security Officer for CASS, LLC and its subsidiaries; CASS Professional Services Corp. (CPS) and Allied Defense Services International (ADSI)..

Erich is a highly decorated and recognized military and civilian aviator with over 27 years in the mobility community at all levels and disciplines and has served in key positions in both as well. He is a worldwide current qualified pilot for both the military and the civilian communities with over 12000 flight hours in the T-37, T-38, KC-135, KC-10, C-130, B737, B757, and the B767 including as an evaluator pilot and formal training unit (FTU) instructor.

The positions he has held in his military career include: Wing Commander, Vice Wing Commander, Deputy Director of Mobility Forces, Future Plans Director, expeditionary squadron commander, squadron commander, Numbered Air Force Chief of Tanker Operations, Wing Chief of Safety, Deployed Director of Operations, Chief of Standardization/ Evaluation, Chief of Tactics, Chief of Training, Chief Pilot, Flight Commander, Chief of Scheduling, and mobility officer. His awards include Mobility Air Forces Tanker Tactician of the Year 2003, Air Mobility Command Safety Officer of the Year 1998, Distinguished Graduate (DG) KC-135 Initial Qualification, DG for KC-135 Aircraft Commander Upgrade, DG for KC-10 Initial Qualification, High Flight participant, Squadron Officer of the Year, and Aircrew Member of the Year as well as numerous accolades from 4th and 15th Air Forces for being an outstanding program manager. He was handpicked to be the expeditionary squadron commander for the largest flying squadron in NATO for Operation UNIFIED PROTECTOR.

In his civilian capacity as an FAA Certificated Airline Transport Pilot, he holds type ratings in the B707, B720, B737, B757, B767, and the DC-10 and is currently an internationally qualified First Officer for a major airline. He has served as Vice Chairman of a Safety Committee coordinating efforts between the different airline divisions (e.g. engineering, operations, cargo, maintenance etc.), other airlines, and the local airport authorities. Erich’s efforts have resulted in modifications to the airline’s B777/A319/A320 aircraft and the airfield’s concourses potentially saving the airline and airfield millions of dollars in risk mitigation and loss prevention. He is currently an NTSB trained airline mishap investigator.

As the Wing Chief of Safety and Chief of Flight Safety, his team was recognized with numerous MAJCOM level awards identifying many programs as “benchmark” and was awarded the AMC Safety Office of the Year twice. He has conducted many accident and incident investigations with several recommendations acknowledged and immediately implemented by the AMC Director of Operations. The Air Force Safety Center recognized Erich’s role and leadership during an accident investigation of a hull loss.

As Chief of Tanker Operations for Headquarters 4th Air Force, U.S. Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC), he was responsible for oversight of the operations of the entire Reserve KC-135 fleet and half of the Reserve KC-10 units. He became the lead KC-10 pilot for all KC-10 training, tactics, and requirements augmenting the MAJCOM as the KC-10 subject matter expert and became the first reservist to be a volume manager for an Air Force Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (AFTTP) manual which is the definitive regulation to teach or reference all levels of KC-10 pilots from students to the top instructors on how to employ the KC-10. He became the first chairman for the newly formed KC-10 working group for the annual Air National Guard and Reserve Weapons and Tactics conference (WEPTAC)

He is a highly decorated combat veteran with 17 operational deployments supporting UNIFIED PROTECTOR, ENDURING FREEDOM, IRAQI FREEDOM, NOBLE EAGLE, DESERT CALM, SOUTHERN WATCH, PROVIDE COMFORT, RESTORE HOPE, SUPPORT JUSTICE, and was the mission commander for an around the world Presidential (DV-1) trip. He has two air medals and 650 hours of combat and combat support time.

He graduated from the US Air Force Academy with a Bachelor of Science in Economics, Masters in Business Administration from Salve Regina University, and has completed Air War College, Armed Forces Staff College, and the United Kingdom’s Advanced Command and Staff Course. He is an active member of Air Refueling Systems Advisory Group (ARSAG), the Airlift Tanker Association, and the International Society of Air Safety Investigators (ISASI).



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