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Daniel Heires

DANIEL HEIRES is a Managing Partner of Consolidated Air Support Systems, LLC (CASS), and serves as Chief Executive of its subsidiaries, CASS Professional Services Corp. (CPS); and Allied Defense Services International (ADSI).

Dan has had an aviation career spanning three decades with world-wide operational experience in both the civilian and military fields including every facet of operations from Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR) to long range power projection and humanitarian relief. His unique perspective on the dichotomy of problems faced by the civilian and military sectors led to his founding of Consolidated Air Support Systems and its subsidiaries as conduits for mutually beneficial solutions.

In the last decade, Dan and the senior partners of CASS have led several initiatives. These include producing the USAF Sponsored Reserve Executable Model under contract to HAF/XPX, supporting the USAF congressionally mandated review of contracted air refueling options, supporting the Defense Intelligence Agency under a classified contract, and playing a leading role in Northrup Grumman's 2008 successful bid for KC-X.

Under US Governmental ITAR authorization Dan lead the CASS partners in assisting Airbus Military in the design, development, and test of the KC-30A / Multi-role Tanker Transport to include the design, development and delivery of a full spectrum weapon system grade Flight Training Unit (FTU). The creation of this full spectrum training system includes ground, simulator, and in-flight training of Allied/Coalition flight crew from basic initial qualification to final instructor/evaluator qualification to include all intergovernmental approvals and tasks associated with the deployment of local support teams (LST) to the client nations to ensure achievement and sustainment of desired mission capabilities.

As an FAA Certificated Airline Transport Pilot, he holds type ratings on the B-707/B-720, B-727, B-737, B-747-100/200, B-747-400, B-757, B-767, B777, and A-319/320/321. He has served as an FAA designated Line Check Airman and as a pilot representative and senior system scheduler. He has conducted several cost benefit analysis studies on commercial aircraft operations and basing strategies. He has served as Captain on the A-320 and B-727 and has extensive international operations in the B-747 and B-777.

Dan started his career with the Strategic Air Command in the 1980's and is a decorated combat veteran with 10 major operational deployments and has served with every major Combatant Command both Global and Regional. He was handpicked by a Combatant Commander to lead the western region of a White House directed rebuild of the National Military Communication System (NMCS). He is a veteran commander of several operations groups across the globe that included Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR), Long Range Strike/Interdiction & Close Air Support (CAS) as well as Air Refueling/Mobility operations. He served a fully qualified and mission ready Standards and Evaluation / Instructor Pilot for over two decades.

He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Systems and Industrial Engineering, graduating with Honors and Distinction, has a Masters of Arts in National Security Studies, and is an honors graduate of several military schools including Air Command and Staff College, Air War College and Advanced Joint Professional Military Education.

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